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Kumarasamy Industries

Kumarasamy Industries was founded by Mr.T.K.A.Karthick, founder as well as Managing Partner of this firm. There are limited peoples from Tamil Nadu having proper knowledge in this field, Mr.T.K.A.Karthick who has rich knowledge about CNSL and its derivatives since 1999, a leading tamil person to laid a success stone in this field. His Father Mr.T.K.Arumugam boosted his interest to Mr.T.K.A.Karthick from his childhood on seeing the plenty of CNSL products available in their own area. This kindled interest fire to laid a stone in this field with strong possession. All of our customers are happy with us through our quality , prompt response and unbeatable price. We are in regular research to innovative of CNSL based products for advance polymer materials.

Our company located in the kadampuliyur village, 9 km away from Panruti (birth place of cashew), under the Cuddalore District of Tamilnadu in South India. The abundant availability of cashew and its shell, we can able to compete whole market with competitive price structure without quality compromising. Our company has been born with well financed firm to overlap purchase of raw material on bulk storage capacity for day by day usage.

T.K.A Karthick

Founder / CEO

26 Years of Industrial Legacy



Started supplying CNSL oil & CNSL based brake-lining Polymer resins  & paint polymer resins


    Name changed to “KUMARASWAMY CHEMICALS

    Started our Vermiculite plant to supply exfoliated vermiculite


      Divided company to two divisions namely

      SHREE KUMARSAMY POLY CHEM ,under which 

      Started Cardanol plant with monthly capacity 300MT
      Started CFD plant with monthly capacity 250MT


      Started supplying other minerals like Mica powder,Kaynite powder,Quartz,calcite etc..along with vermiculite


        Merged to a single company namely “KUMARASAMY INDUSTRIES

        Improved our cardanol production capacity to 500MT/month 
        Improved our CFD production capacity to 400MT /month

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          Export Excellence Award for 4 Consecutive Years

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          Worldwide Delivery

          Best-in-class Quality products

          Cater to any Required Volume

          Competitive pricing

          Blogs & Articles

          FAQs on Mica Mineral

          What is Mica? Mica is a silicate mineral which is common in igneouse and metamorphic ricks. Its individual mica crystals can split into thin plates. Micas are used in products such as drywalls, paints, fillers, especially in parts for automobiles, roofing and...

          What is Cardanol? Composition, Uses & Manufacturing

          What is Cardanol? Composition, Uses & Manufacturing

          What is Cardanol? Cardanol is a phenolic lipid obtained from anacardic acid, the main component of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), a byproduct of cashew nut processing. Cardanol finds use in the chemical industry in resins, coatings, frictional materials, and...

          Office address: 
          75-2, Sathayamoorthy Street, IOB upstairs, Near BSNL Office, Panruti, Cuddalore dist, Tamilnadu, India - 607106


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          Factory address: 
          480/2, Kumbakonam main road, Kadampuliyur village, Panruti , Cuddalore District,
          Tamilnadu, India - 607103 


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          Phone no: 04142-241642,
          Mobile no: 09003966594,

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