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Vermiculite is an alkaline phyllosilicate. Developed in 1824 in Millbury, Massachusetts, USA, it was the first of its kind in the world at the time. Due to the way it exfoliates when heated, its name comes from the Latin vermiculare, meaning to create worms. Phlogopite undergoes exfoliation when heated to a suitable temperature. Kumarasamy Industries is one of the top vermiculite manufacturer in India.

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Vermiculite is extracted from open pits by drilling and blasting, then crushed and air separated from the host rock. For a consistent and dependable product, the ore is extracted from a variety of locations inside the mine and mixed together. 2 Tetrahedral Sheets for every 1 Octahedral Sheet Vermiculite is 2:1 clay. It is a clay with a restricted expansion and a modest shrink-swell capability. There is a cautious exchange capacity of 100-150 meq/100g in vermiculite. We are the top vermiculite supplier in India with export to 30+ countries.

Vermiculite clays are micas where the potassium ions between the molecular sheets have been replaced by mg and iron ions. Vermiculite is non-combustible and insoluble in water or organic solvents, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Because of its intrinsic stability, exfoliated vermiculite’s bulk density size and aspect ratio may be adjusted to suit certain end purposes. Vermiculite is increasingly being employed in situations where safety and health are of the utmost concern. Kumarasamy Industries is one of the top vermiculite supplier in India

Raw Vermiculite

vermiculite manufacturer in india

Exfoliated Vermiculite

vermiculite supplier in india

Volume Yields from
Vermiculite Manufacturer in India

Grade Typical loose bulk Denities of Product (Kg/m3) Typical volume yields per ton of crude vermiculite processed (m3)
Micron 105-135 7.5-9.0
Superfine 85-100 8.5-10.0
Fine 75-85 10.5-11.5
Medium 70-85 11.5-13.0
Large 60-75 13.0-14.5

Applications of Raw Vermiculite

Fire protection
It is a good fire proofing material for fire proof plates because of its thermal stability and lack of toxicity at high temperatures.

Friction Lining
Vermiculite is currently widely utilised as a safe replacement to asbestos in the friction lining business and plays a significant role in this sector.

It has been used in agriculture because its porous nature greatly enhances soil aeration and avoids rotting plants.

Buildings and constructions
Expanded vermiculite is a good heat and sound insulator due to its porous structure, making it an important use as bulk insulation for floors and roofings. It is also simple to use, efficient, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and fire-safe.

Packing Material
It is appropriate for use in air freight since it is inorganic and does not pose any possible fire concerns. It is used to pack fruit, bulbs, and tubers and also acts as an excellent barrier against shocks and inappropriate handling.

Textured ceilings
Vermiculite is a decorative or textured ceiling finish that is sometimes referred to as a popcorn ceiling. Renovations and changes frequently expose sections that have not been treated with vermiculite and must be included into the current plan.

Bitumen coated vermiculite screeds
As a dry, lightweight roof screed, vermiculite covered with a bituminous binder can be utilised. This form of screed has minimal heat conductivity, a low moisture content, and is simple to install.

Energy conservations
It is a high-quality and reasonably priced heat insulator constructed from expanded vermiculite insulation panels. Bulk expanded vermiculite is used to fill holes in walls and other structures, as well as ceilings and insulation.

Vermiculite Plasters
Gypsum or Portland cement can be used to make vermiculite plasters. They have benefits such as increased workability, lower thermal conductivity, excellent fire resistance, and improved adhesion.

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