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White Gypsum Powder

Free from odor, White Gypsum Powder is available in monoclinic crystalline powder form. It is naturally present in limestone, saline lake, and sedimentary rock located in dry atmospheric regions. Solid white gypsum powder is hygroscopic by nature. This powder-based chemical is used to manufacture gypsum board, paint, and gypsum block.

Manufacturing Gypsum Powder Since 1994

white gypsum powder

Free from impurities, this powder has unique strength, excellent wear resistance properties, high fluidity level and powerful simulation effect. Good hardness level is one of its main factors. Light in weight, this non toxic grade chemical can endure fluctuation in temperature. Good insulation properties and minimal demolding period are its key factors.

Advanced autoclave boiling technology is used for its formulation. Solid white gypsum powder is composed of hydrous calcium sulfate. To be precise, it is produced as the byproduct of desulfurization of flue gas in coal fired power generation plants.


  • IUPAC Name: Calcium Sulfate
  • Other Name: Calcium Salt, Drierite
  • Molecular Weight: 136.134 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula: CaO4S or CaSO4 or CaSO4 or nH2O
  • CAS Number: 7778-18-9
  • EC Number: 231-900-3 (ECHA)
  • PubChem CID: 24497

Chemical & Physical Property of Gypsum Powder Manufactured

Appearance/Color White
pH Value 5.0 – 8.0
Particle Size Gypsum rock to 500 mesh
Melting Point 2840° F
Density 2.96
Refractive Index 11.5-13.0
Thermal Conductivity Low
Solubility Does not dissolve in ethanol.
Slightly dissolves in water
Whiteness 90% – 92%
Purity ≥85%

Applications of White Gypsum Powder

  • In agriculture, it is used to improve fertility of land.

  • It is used as additive for producing cement.

  • Utilized as one of the main raw materials for artwork.

  • As construction material, it is used to produce compound powder for drywall joint and gypsum board.

  • In health care arena, it is used to develop dental accessories and POP bandage.

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