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Kumarasamy Industries is leading Mica Manufacturer in India and supplies mica to 30+ countries in the world. Mica is a mineral composed of a group of hydrous potassium, aluminium silicate minerals. It’s a phyllosilicate with a two-dimensional sheet or layer structure. Micas are among the most common rock-forming minerals and may be found in all three major rock types: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. 

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Only six of the 28 known mica species are common rock-forming minerals. The most common are muscovite, a common light-colored mica, and biotite, which is generally black or almost so. Phlogopite, which is generally brown, and paragonite, which is macroscopically identical to muscovite, are also very common. Lepidolite is a pinkish to lilac mineral found in lithium-bearing pegmatites. Glauconite, a green variety with different overall macroscopic properties than the other micas, appears infrequently in various marine sedimentary layers. Except for glauconite, all of these micas display easily visible flawless cleavage into flexible sheets.

Glauconite, which is most commonly seen as pelletlike grains, has no discernible cleavage. The names of the rock-forming micas are a good example of the various bases used in mineral naming: Biotite was named after a person, Jean-Baptiste Biot, a 19th-century French physicist who researched the optical characteristics of micas; muscovite was named, albeit inadvertently, after a location, because it originated in Russia’s Muscovy region.

Kumarasamy Industries is one of the Leading Mica supplier in India.

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Specifications of Mica Manufactured

End-member compositions are rare in natural micas. Most muscovites, for example, have sodium substituting for potassium, and other types have chromium, vanadium, or a combination of both replacing some of the aluminium; moreover, the Si:Al ratio can range from the specified 3:1 up to around 7:1. Other micas have similar compositional variations. As a result, as with other mineral groups (for example, garnets), various pieces of naturally occurring mica have varying proportions of optimum end-member compositions. There is, however, no complete series of solid solutions between dioctahedral and trioctahedral mica.

Crystal Structure

Micas have sheet structures with fundamental units made up of two polymerized sheets of silica tetrahedrons. Two similar sheets are juxtaposed with the vertices of their tetrahedrons facing toward one other; the sheets are merge with cations such as aluminium in muscovite, and hydroxyl pairs complete the coordination of these cations. As an outcome, the cross-linked double layer is tightly bonded, has the foundations of silica tetrahedrons on both of its outer sides, and has a negatively charged. The charge is balanced by singly charged large cations, such as k in muscovite, which join the cross-linked double layer to make the full structure. Mica has exception physical and chemical properties. The Mica manufactured in India has customized, designed and modified according to its applications.

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Applications of Mica

  • Many industries, including Welding Electrodes, Tar Felt, Paints, Cosmetics, and others, use them as additives and fillers.
  • Typically used for ornamental purposes.
  • Mica powder is used in a variety of industries, including decorating, paint and coating, pigment, automotive, engineering products, cosmetics, and oil drilling.

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