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CNSL: 2000 MT/Month
Cardanol: 1200 MT/Month
Cashew Friction Dust: 450 MT/Month

Mineral Products

Vermiculite: 600 M.T/Month
Mica Powder:  500 M.T/Month

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Worldwide Delivery

Best-in-class Quality products

Cater to any Required Volume

Competitive pricing

Blogs & Articles

FAQs on Mica Mineral

What is Mica? Mica is a silicate mineral which is common in igneouse and metamorphic ricks. Its individual mica crystals can split into thin plates. Micas are used in products such as drywalls, paints, fillers, especially in parts for automobiles, roofing and...

What is Cardanol? Composition, Uses & Manufacturing

What is Cardanol? Composition, Uses & Manufacturing

What is Cardanol? Cardanol is a phenolic lipid obtained from anacardic acid, the main component of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), a byproduct of cashew nut processing. Cardanol finds use in the chemical industry in resins, coatings, frictional materials, and...

Quartz stone vs. Granite; which is better?

What is Granite? Granite is a hard stone and 100% natural. It's mined from quarries from one side of the planet to the other, sliced down to a reasonable size, and afterwards cleaned to a fine completion. What is Quartz? Quartz is not a 100% natural. It is a hard...

How Mica is used in Cosmetics?

For all those who are unaware, Mica is an essential ingredient one would find in many market-available cosmetics. In many of the personal care products, it is found as an important ingredient, hence, making it high in demand. Considering the same, this article has...

What is Cashew Friction Dust and its Applications?

Friction Dust is a by-product that is produced from the reaction of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid with different aldehyde contributors like Formaldehyde/hexamine/Para Formaldehyde to make the ideal Friction dust properties. It is a phenol-formaldehyde sap that is...

Commercial Uses of Cashew & its products

CNSL is separated from cashew shells by cooking the wrecked shells at high temperatures. Because of its high protection from heat, CNSL is utilized to assemble brake linings and epoxy coatings. It is likewise used in paints, stains, and strength inks. CNSL is a...

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