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Cashew Friction Dust

Friction Dust is a friction modifier made up of Cashew Resin and other additives and modifiers that are utilised to satisfy the specific needs of brake lining compositions. As a stabilising agent, cashew friction particle is utilised in disc pad brakes and drum linings. These particles (also known as Friction Dust) have a robust character that softens the engaging property of a liner. Kumarasamy Industries is the leading cashew friction dust supplier and manufacturer in India.

cashew friction dust

Cashew Friction Dust  Manufacturer Since 1994

Friction Dust is a Crosse related product formed by the reaction of cashew nut shell liquid with various aldehyde donors like as hexamine, para formaldehyde, and furfural to produce the required friction dust characteristics.

It is essentially a phenol formaldehyde resin that is polymerized and reacted with any of the aldehyde donors to produce granular / powder form of different mesh sizes for use in metallic, semi-metallic, and non-asbestos brake products. Cashew friction dust is a frequent and significant component in the manufacture of friction linings.

Friction dust accounts for up to 20% of the friction components used in the production of brake linings, brake pads, brake shoes, railway blocks, and clutch facings where high heat absorption and friction characteristics are required.
Cashew Friction dust particles disintegrate on the surface of a liner at varied high temperatures, controlling wear and providing a protective device by preventing excessive temperature from developing. They have a robust character that buffers the engaging feature of a lining. Overall, these goods minimise wear, enhance friction stability, function as noise dampers, and can be designed to provide heat resistance, hardness, and flexibility.

cashew friction dust hexamine brown
cashew friction dust hexamine black
cashew friction dust para based
cashew friction dust furfural based

Specification of Cashew Friction Dust Manufactured

Grade KS-20B KS-30B KS-40B KS-40 KS-60
Mesh 20 30 40 40 60
Color Black Black Black Brown Brown
Acetone Extraction <5%Max <5%Max <5%Max <5%Max <5%Max
Ash Content <3% Max <3% Max <3% Max <3% Max <3% Max
Volatile Loss @370degc <35% <35% <35% <35% <35%
20 Mesh(650 Microns) 5% Max / / / /
30 Mesh(600 Microns) / 5% Max / / /
40Mesh (425 Microns) 35-45% 60%Min < 25% < 25% /
60Mesh(180Microns) / / 20-35% 20-35% 25-35%
80Mesh(160Microns) / / / / /
100Mesh(150 Microns) 40-50% 25%max 10-30% 10-30% 25-45%
-100Mesh (Pan) 10% Max 10%max <45% <45% 30-50%


Applications of Cashew Friction Dust

The use of black particles improves braking feel, reduces noise, and increases high temperature stability. Suitable for disc pad / brake linings.

The use of black particles improves braking feel, reduces noise, and increases high temperature stability. Suitable for a railway block.

The use of black particles improves braking feel, reduces noise, and increases high temperature stability. Appropriate for high-end braking applications utilised in heavy-duty applications.

Brown particle with high heat resistance utilised for all disc pad and drum lining applications from light to heavy load.

Brake linings and clutch facings are made of this fine brown material, which has a high heat resistance.

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