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Lime Powder

Lime is one of the basic building material used mainly as lime mortar in construction. Properties of building lime, advantages, and uses in construction is discussed. The broad category of lime is non-hydraulic and hydraulic lime. The non-hydraulic lime is called as quick lime, fat lime or white lime or as lump lime.

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Hydraulic lime sets under water and non-hydraulic lime do not set under water. Quick Lime is a form of lime is manufactured by the burning of stone that has calcium carbonate within it. The burning temperature varies, say 900 degree Celsius and above for several hours. This process is called as calcination. The solid product that remain after the removal of carbon dioxide in the calcium carbonate is called as the quicklime.

CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate) –> CaO (Calcium Oxide – Quick Lime) + CO2

The quick lime is used as hydrated lime (quick lime with water). This is because it is unstable and hazardous in nature. There is heat liberated when a small quantity of water is added to the quicklime. After this hydration product, a fine dry white powder is obtained, which is called as calcium hydroxide or slake lime. Now this process is defined as the slaking of lime.

Properties of Lime Powder Manufactured Manufactured

The white powdered slaked lime has a wide range of applications in construction. The properties of lime are:

  1. Cementing capability– This is obtained by their carbonation with carbon dioxide. Lime is used as lime mortar for brick masonry construction.
  2. Have a higher acid resistance– due to its alkaline nature
  3. Gain Pozzolanic activity– this gives cementitious products
  4. Sealing of micro cracks– This is done by the precipitation made by the calcium carbonate when carbon dioxide passes through the lime mortar mix.

The table below shows the physical and chemical properties of lime under various classes as per IS:4031-1968 and IS:6932-1972 Part (3 to 10).

Applications of Lime Powder


  1. Masonry Construction- For the construction of the monument, retaining walls. Also, used in load bearing walls.
  2. Structural Applications like canopies, arches, domes of different size and form
  3. Used for construction of wall structures like wells, fountains and water channels
  4. Used for plastering purposes– For different types like decorative, plain plastering
  5. Used to make intricate patterns as well as geometrical profiles
  6. Used for finishing works
  • Reduces Levels of Manganese and Iron

By applying agricultural lime to crops, you can help to increase the soil’s pH level by neutralizing and reducing the levels of manganese and iron that cause soil to become acidic. Lower manganese and iron levels can help to reduce the risk of plants becoming toxic, which helps increase their growth and output rates.

  • Boosts Microbial Activity 

When soil is too acidic, the beneficial microbes in the soil aren’t able to thrive. This reduces soil health and the possibility of nutrient uptake in the crop’s roots. The agricultural lime effect on crops allows it to create a better environment to promote microbial activity to improve healthy crop growth.

  • Improves Plant Structure

With a balanced pH level in the soil, the crop, especially young plants, can grow stronger overall. This additional strength starts in the roots and works its way up through the complete plant structure. Improved plant structure ensures the crops are healthier and able to yield more.

  • Improves Plant Structure

With a balanced pH level in the soil, the crop, especially young plants, can grow stronger overall. This additional strength starts in the roots and works its way up through the complete plant structure. Improved plant structure ensures the crops are healthier and able to yield more.

  • Provides Calcium and Magnesium

Agricultural lime actively supplements calcium and/or magnesium levels in the soil. These are essential nutrients to ensuring healthy plant growth. Agricultural lime provides a steady supply of the nutrients, which over time ensures the soil is conditioned appropriately for optimum output.

  • Provides a Return on Investment

When it comes to financial benefits, agricultural lime for crops is worth the investment. Agricultural lime is a long-term solution for ensuring maximum crop output. A single application of agricultural lime can last up to several years. During these years, your crops will produce better yields, which translates to more product and/or better product to sell.

  • Increases Nutrient Uptake in Roots

Once the ag lime for crops is applied, it will begin to balance out the soil’s pH levels. A neutral or neutralized soil provides a healthy environment for plants to improve their nutrient uptake. When grown in acidic soil, plants struggle to take up nutrients. Once the soil becomes less acidic, the roots look for more nutrients to absorb.

  • Strengthens Root System

As roots take up a greater volume of nutrients, they begin to thrive and strengthen throughout the whole root system. Having a strong root system in your crops is essential for the crop’s ability to withstand environmental challenges such as rain, wind or drought.

  • Improves Fertilizer/Herbicide Efficiency

When the soil becomes too acidic, it prevents herbicides from functioning properly. Acidic soil can also decrease fertilizer efficiency.  By restoring soil to a more neutral pH level, it can help improve the efficiency of fertilizers and herbicides, which further improves your bottom line.

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