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CNSL Resin

The CNSL Resin is a viscous translucent resin with a golden hue coating. It’s ideal for surface coating applications that demand excellent film characteristics as well as great resistance to water and chemicals. As a result of its strong water and chemical resistance, CNSL Resin is extensively utilised as a in paint industry as raw material.

Manufacturing CNSL Resin Since 1994

cnsl resin

In terms of modified Phenolics, CNSL Resin is the best. There are no oil-bleeding effects, thus it’s a good binding agent. Because of its flexibility, thermal stability, and impact resistance, the coefficient of friction is reduced. For Brake Lining, it combines the properties of thermosetting and binding. Anacardic Acid and Cardol are the two major phenolic compounds that make up Cardol. It’s impossible to dry them out without a chemical reaction.

Specification of CNSL Resin Manufactured


Parameters Specification
Specific Gravity @ 30°C 0.950 – 0.965 
Viscosity @ 30°C 120 – 180  CPS
Acid value Max 1
Ash Content 2.o Max
Polymerisation Time 15 Max


Applications of CNSL Resin

Brake Lining:
To prepare brake linings, CNSL Formaldehyde (NOVOLAC) resins are employed.

Laminating industry Resins:
Improves hardening and bonding to the substrate as it ages.

Polymer based Cements:
Acids and alkalis improve adhesion and moisture resistance.

Foundry Core Binders:
Core collapse is improved and the bench life and anti-damp behaviour are improved in comparison to traditional core binders

Friction resistant material:
Ideal for use as a heat-resistant substance or as a cost-saving partial alternative for phenolic resin,

The product will be more resistant to age, chemical attack, and solvents and acids.

Insulation Varnishes:
Achieve high flexibility and chemical resistance Highly reflective surface with excellent adhesion properties

Price advantage over traditional phenolic adhesives excellent characteristics to satisfy the rising demand for quality and endurance in plywood bonding

Adhesive for wood particle:
It is used as an adhesive in the manufacture of composite wood, medium density particle board, and other similar products.

Gives the lacquer film hardness and flexibility. To create a high gloss and superfine sticky properties. Superior to conventional oil paints in terms of resistance to oils, grease, moisture, and chemicals.

Paint & Coatings:
Application of dark-colored enamels Provide the needed gloss, flexibility, mechanical strength, and rapid drying capabilities. Water, acid, and alkali resistance is exceptional. Weatherproof, heat resistant, and fire resistant An good anti-corrosive barrier

Primers for wood and metal:
Red oxide metal primer, Zinc chromate primer, other primers. Provides Resistance against water, acid, alkali and other chemicals. Protects against Corrosion Improves gloss, increases flexibility and as well as hardness

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