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How Mica is used in Cosmetics?

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Mica

For all those who are unaware, Mica is an essential ingredient one would find in many market-available cosmetics. In many of the personal care products, it is found as an important ingredient, hence, making it high in demand. Considering the same, this article has been prepared to provide complete details about Mica, its composition, advantages, uses and examples. To know more, read further.

What is Mica? 

Mica, it is one natural-occurring group of silicate minerals widely distributed in different rock types. It often occurs as flakes, sheets or scraps. The use of this mineral goes back to pre-historic times. Due to its origination from the earth, Mica contains certain traces of the heavy metals. In relation to the maintenance of such heavy metals, FDA is in charge, and the same gets regulated by them. It ensures that the use of Mica within the cosmetics do not pose any risk to human health.

It as the mineral dust is used often in the makeup foundations. It is also used as the filler in asphalt and filler, and in the electric cables, it is used as the insulation material. All of the workers in the Mica manufacturing factories, they are at high risk due to exposure. This is why the Mica manufacturers in India have to keep up with additional means to ensure the safety of workers.

  • Mica minerals, they are used in cosmetics as colour additives.
  • In the mineral foundation, it allows the shimmery effect.
  • It has the pearlescent property that makes the same as a chosen ingredient in the sparkly products within the cosmetic industry.
  • It is generally used in skincare products or makeup, or nail products.

Composition of Mica

Mica contains a group of minerals, i.e., Aluminium silicate minerals and hydrous potassium. It is one of the phyllosilicate types that exhibits the 2-dimensional sheet/layer structure. Mica, it can be found in 3 rock varieties, including sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Uses of Mica in Cosmetics

In the personal care and beauty industry, Mica is an essential ingredient that is preferred because of the sparkly nature it carries. It not just brings the shimmery effect to the end results of the product but also provides the glow- as it can reflect light. This mineral is further bought from the Mica manufacturers also to adhere to the other ingredients altogether in its formulation.

Advantages of Mica in Makeup

The use of Mica in makeup is very popular, and the reason behind it is the numerous benefits it carries for both the consumers and the manufacturers. Some of the advantages are,

  • The use of it does not cause any irritation to the sensitive skin like some of the other natural mineral ingredients.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it good for the better health of the skin.
  • As an important ingredient, Mica adds up a shimmery effect to the products. It, in turn, provides a youthful glow when gets applied to the skin.
  • When reflects light, Mica diverts the attention completely away from the fine lines and the wrinkles.
  • The makeup manufacturers, they use it as the formulation thicker and the fillers. It helps the blending of other ingredients perfectly. After the same is added in powders, the other ingredients do not clump together due to the presence of the mineral. In this way, it eliminates the major challenge for the power makeup products.
  • In the ground form, Mica is an easy mix with the other products, and this, in turn, ensures the cosmetics manufacturing process is quite smoother.
  • It is quite helpful with the adhesion of product. Due to the mineral, it actually makes it quite easy for the skin products to be applied evenly, and this, in turn, enables to make it to bind perfectly to the skin.

Mica in Cosmetics- Key Examples

Across multiple industries, Mica is used in a variety of ways. The reason behind it is the different useful properties that make its application of it perfect. Some of the popular cosmetics that have Mica content are coloured products and also skincare products. It includes makeup primers, hair/skin balms, toothpaste, eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, concealers, powders and foundation. It is with the presence of this mineral that skincare products are able to provide a glowing effect.

Final Words

Hope one was able to understand the use of Mica in the cosmetics along with the advantages it carries. Note that, in extra quantity, the mineral can cause a lot of harm to the skin, but as FDA works to keep control over the quantity of it used within the product, your makeup is safe to be used. Do not worry or panic knowing the side-effects of Mica as the cosmetics; they have the content of Mica in a very small amount. Just enjoy the benefits the mineral got to offer through its use in cosmetics.

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